90 Days Sold or Less

Guarantees to give you peace of mind.

Your Home Sold in 90 Days or Less


Our brokerage offers this specifically to sellers. Giving you peace of mind letting you know that no matter what, your house will be SOLD!

We offer this to help you get rid of your Catch-22 Dilemma. Should I sell before I buy? Or should I buy before I sell? We help remove this fear and anxiety of yours, by providing you a written guarantee.

We will determine the most accurate evaluation of your home with our extensive database Current Market Analysis (CMA), then get your approval and based off this CMA, in turn, offer you a GUARANTEED price.

To get started, simply call to arrange a no-obligation meeting. We will do a CMA of your home and give you a guaranteed price – absolutely free of charge. We back it up with a legal and binding offer that you can take to your lawyer for review prior to accepting.

Contact us to get started!